Alcohol-Free Beverages Available at JRG Locations

Alcohol-Free Beverages

Want to be hangover free? We’ve got you!

Announcing our new alcohol-free cocktail and beverage menu available at all JRG Public Houses,  S+L Kitchen & Bar locations and The Italian – Osteria & Cheesebar.

We’ve teamed up with Red Racer Brew on a social responsible collaboration featuring Street Legal IPA which is a locally produced dealcoholized craft beer.

Also featuring BC’s 1st non-alcoholic gin by Lumette.

Check out our alcoholic-free beverages:

Lumette Collins – $6
Lumette Non-Alcoholic Gin (1oz), Lemon, Simple Syrup, Soda

Lumette Breeze – $6
Lumette Non-Alcoholic Gin (1oz), Grapefruit, Passionfruit Syrup, Soda

Lumette & Tonic –$6
Lumette Non-Alcoholic Gin (1oz), Tonic Water

Strawberry Lemonade – $5
Muddled Strawberries, House Made Lemonade

Red Racer Street Legal IPA – $5.50
Dealcoholized 0.05%, 500ml can


Now, you’ll never have to worry about a hangover!