JRG Corporate Chef David Jorge and SuperChefs Cookery for Kids joined forces serving BC Lions in Surrey

JRG Corporate Chef David Jorge was out in the community June 21st, at the SuperChefs event!

Taking place right after a morning training session, SuperChef kids prepared a delicious and balanced meal for the BC Lions to enjoy.

For athletes, eating the right food to fuel their bodies is what determines their performance on game day, and with a team that trains as hard as the BC Lions, the SuperChefs are ready to rise up to that challenge.

MasterChef Canada winner, David Jorge, is helping dish out some tips and tricks for preparing what’s on the menu.

The menu, a collaboration between dieticians from the BC Lions, UBC Dietetics and Yale’s Wellness Director, will consist of burrito bowls with smoky chipotle shredded chicken, street corn, mango orzo salad and a special high-protein snack.