JRG … Moving Into Your Home

It’s one thing to sit down in a restaurant and eat a meal that’s made fresh, it’s another to have that same meal brought to my home while I watch my favourite program.  For me it’s The Bachelor.  Yes, I’m guilty.

We want to make sure that our food gives you that same warm and fulfilling feeling regardless of where you are sitting.

So, when our team decided that we wanted to take the JRG Experience outside of our restaurants and bring them to your home, we made sure we covered all our bases. Our culinary team, led by Executive Chef Andy Slinn, spent months researching the different ‘to-go’ packaging that was available to us.  He travelled near and far, battled cold and flu to find the right fit. Just kidding, he might have travelled to Vancouver and back, but not much further, and we promise he was never sick. But he did sample over twenty styles of packaging. The goal was to find something that would not just keep the food warm, but also retain its texture and taste and allow for your meal to travel the distance.

The end result is a product that we feel will ensure that our food gets to your door warm and tasting like it would if you were sitting in one of our establishments. The only thing missing is a member of our team to clear your plate! Now, you can order your food for delivery through Skip The Dishes, DoorDash and Uber Eats to get your next JRG meal In Your Home!

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