The Best Fried Chicken by MasterChef Canada Winner Chef David Jorge

Fried chicken anyone?

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If you haven’t tried the Master Chicken dish at S+L Kitchen & Bar, its a must have! Developed by MasterChef Canada Winner Chef David Jorge who has worked collaboratively to launch the S+L brand and contribute to menu development. Chef Dave is first and foremost a concrete guy. President of a successful concrete company, Avante Concrete and passionate about food. The rise of the Food Network and the reality food show competitions in the United States heightened Chef Dave’s fondness for the food genre. When MasterChef Canada was announced he knew this was a competition he needed to be a part of. He signed up, went to the audition and made it through, one step at a time. Chef Dave thought he had it all together and figured he’d nail it from start to finish. It was only when the producers at the end of the season asked for a few repeat interviews that he realized he must’ve not been on his game that first day on the show and was asked to repeat his name and hometown. Oops. He’s still not sure how he possibly messed up his name and hometown.

Chef Dave was ecstatic to be named winner of Season 2 of MasterChef Canada and continued to pursue his passion for food with conversation with longtime friend and CEO of JRG, Ryan Moreno. They new there was big potential for themselves, 2 guys from Surrey, BC to align their passions and reach higher goals. Chef Dave had been developing the Master Chicken recipe for years. Testing ingredients and techniques and perfecting the process for the best crunch and juiciest bite. His Master Chicken recipe was used for the launch of S+L Kitchen & Bar and remains on the menu at all 3 locations. The refined process including unique a flour combination and brine recipe is executed at S+L Kitchen & Bar everyday. In addition, Chef Dave has created a proprietary spice rub called Dream Seasoning. He won’t tell any of us what the recipe is and when we sat him down for an interview he still wouldn’t even give us a hint. 


With the recent launch of Meal Ticket Brands, we’ve found there’s a market for MasterChef created food that can now be delivered to our guests at homes due to the emergence of 3rd party delivery. We’re excited to announce the addition of Master Chicken to our list of Meal Ticket Brands and we’re launching the brand in partnership with Skip The Dishes in select areas of the Fraser Valley with plans to expand to more locations very soon. Chef David Jorge can be seen regularly on CTV Morning Live and Global Morning News.




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