Opening 100 Restaurants in 1 Day

On April 22nd, 2019 under our newest venture Meal Ticket Brands, we’re set to disrupt the restaurant industry by opening 100 restaurants in one day across the Fraser Valley. With strategic partnerships already in place expansion into Greater Vancouver and across Canada will not be far behind. These delivery-only restaurant concepts reflects our continued diversification and expansion as an innovative leader in the restaurant and hospitality industry. Meal Ticket Brands has been in research and development for over a year, curating popular foods and fine-tuning menu offerings.

These ‘Ghost Restaurants’ will service customers through an online-only delivery concept, operating with increased efficiencies to streamline the operations process. The concept allows for brands to build out a number of cuisines, effectively optimizing their ability to cater to the ever-changing tastes and trends of consumers.

We look to shatter records in the Canadian restaurant industry by launching a concept that has yet to be done before on such a mass scale. ​By repurposing traditional kitchen spaces in already operating business’, this new concept will benefit each location they are housed in as well as our culinary teams by allowing them to diversify even further. Even more, our guests will be the biggest benefactor by having an even wider variety of top-level offerings available by delivery to their homes.

“We’re very excited to be at the forefront of innovation for the restaurant industry. This launch is a testament to the continued popularity of food delivery services. Through innovative technology and an incredible team, we’ve been able to disrupt the status quo and offer a new way for our customers to enjoy a variety of unique cuisines”, explains Ryan Moreno, CEO of The Joseph Richard Group.

Among the fifteen restaurant concepts in research and development, Meal Ticket Brands includes a variety of offerings that were carefully conceptualized by our team at The Joseph Richard Group. Brands include Obey Poke, STAK’D Sandwich Co., Frsh Frys, Power Plants, and Sweet Tooth Desserts. Each concept’s menu has been carefully designed by our distinguished culinary team.

“Ghost restaurants allow us to continuously curate menu items to society’s constant changing tastes and trends”, explains Andy Slinn, JRG Executive Chef. “From Poke bowls to Fried Chicken, guests can enjoy foods that fit their taste while maintaining the quality and standard that The Joseph Richard Group is proud to stand behind”.

Moreno adds, ​“Chef David Jorge, one of our corporate Chefs and Master Chef Canada winner, has cultivated a menu based on his winning dish, the Master Chicken, made famous on the popular CTV show. Now our guests will be able to have MasterChef quality food in the comfort of their own home. When would that have been possible before?”

To increase the reach of the launch and add some fun to an already exciting announcement we’ve partnered with some like-minded business’ to spread the word of these one hundred new concepts. The first 1000 guests beginning on April 22nd will receive up to 50% off their first purchase.

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