Top Restaurants for Vegetarian and Gluten Free Meals Without the Hassle

Top Restaurants for Vegetarian, Vegan and Gluten Free Meals Without the Hassle

Finding a good restaurant to satisfy your dietary requirements as well as satisfying your stomach is often difficult and time consuming. I tried restaurants all over Vancouver to come up with this list of restaurants that offer affordable food for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets.



Townhall Public House Langley

Owned by the Joseph Richard group, Townhall Public House Langley is the OG when it comes to comfy, cozy neighbourhood pub with Vegetarian and Gluten Aware options. This pub makes you feel at home as you are dished up amazing food and receive excellent service. It almost seems too good to be true when you see that their food comes without the usual dietary requirement mark-ups that most places seem to give. My go-to meal is the mouth-watering Baja Tofu Tacos that I can enjoy for only $12, keeping my stomach and my bank account happy.



White Spot

Photo courtesy of White Spot Twitter

If you are looking for fast food that is also vegetarian friendly, White Spot may be the choice for you. With quick and easy options such as Cauliflower Bites, Sweet Potato Fries, Arugula and Goat Cheese Flatbread, and my personal favourite, the Avocado Beyond Burger, there is sure to be something on this menu to satisfy all.




Photo courtesy of Freshii

Freshii has locations all over Vancouver, as well as all over the world. This is my favourite place to go when I am craving something light and healthy, but also delicious. My preferred meal at Freshii is the Teriyaki Twist bowl, but sometimes I like to change things up and grab a Fiesta salad (which is also a great Gluten free option).



A&W Canada

Photo courtesy of A&W Canada

This family friendly Canadian franchise is known for its quality fast food burgers and fries. However, lesser known is the great vegetarian meals that they offer. A&W sells one of, in my opinion, the best Beyond Meat Burgers in Vancouver. But if beyond meat isn’t your style, their Veggie Deluxe Burger is also worth a try.



GNJ Vegetarian Bistro

Photo courtesy of GNJ Vegetarian Bistro

This boutique restaurant may be small in stature, but there is a big heart behind the cooking and running of GNJ Vegetarian Bistro. Often labelled as “one of the best vegetarian restaurants in Surrey”, you can see why when you taste one of the many delicious items on their menu. The Tofu Penne Pasta is a winner for me when dining at GNJ.



The Study Public House

The Study Public House, also owned by The Joseph Richard Group, is a modern restaurant located at the Simon Fraser University Burnaby Campus. Often referred to as “the coolest pub on Burnaby Mountain”, this location also offers Vegetarian and Gluten Aware menus. A new 100% vegan feature sheet is also available at this location featuring mouth-watering items such as cauliflower tacos. This is a go to place for me when I want to study and enjoy a meal. Their prices also make it affordable for anyone who’s on a student budget to enjoy great food, no matter what their dietary requirements are.



There are 16 others locations owned by the Joseph Richard group that offer Vegetarian and Gluten Aware menus in Greater Vancouver, so there is bound to be one nearby that you can check out.